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Why is a Verify™ AppSec Right For You?

Verify™ AppSec Assessments are specialized tools used for conducting security testing on mobile apps, performing vendor reviews, and executing external privacy audits. These assessments are crucial in determining an organization's capability to safeguard sensitive information on mobile devices and through remote access, focusing on application security and the security of applications.

Accredited Expertise

From your dedicated Risk Advisor™ to our Virtual Chief Security Officers (VirtualCISO™), all our professional advisors are certified experts with specialized knowledge in cloud security, app security, and website security, ensuring comprehensive coverage of IT security applications.

Verified Certification

Earn the credential that solidifies your reputation and builds trust in your mobile apps, corporate website, or cloud-based interface. Our Statement of Trust™ is the definitive report you need to confirm the security of your applications through the Verify AppSec™ process.

Manual Testing

With every Verify™ AppSec Assessment, your dedicated Risk Advisor™ is committed to meticulously testing your project for hundreds of potential vulnerabilities, while prioritizing the elimination of false positives and enhancing apps security.